Designing My Own Curriculum Vitae


Last two days i spent time to designing my own Curriculum Vitae. I decided to go without any ui framework (js/css) since,
I don’t very close into native css. First time i learn into web development i use bootstrap so unsuprisingly if i don’t really understand css. Basically my background is backend for the first career in web development. But my lastest job on an awesome startup is front-end dev, i got plenty of time to get deeper on frontend environtment.

First try, i directly write my design concept in html and css. here the result:

Freak enough hahaha.

My concept is single page and full page, no scroll. I choose to use fixed and absolute postion for the content.
Here is my final result:

Of course for the demo you can visit my profile link. Please leave me comments, feedback will be very good for my progress.